My work speaks of the energy of nature around us; the current of the water, the flow of the air, the rock formations that form the foundation under our feet, and the movement of those foundations. The natural world is simply alive. It is as much a part of us, as our circulatory system.

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Artist Statement: "We are nature, and in nature, is our salvation. What we most need to do, is to sing with nature on the inside.


A dynamic use of paint applied with immediacy and without fuss charges my paintings with a balance of chaotic energy and orderly qualities mimicking that of the natural world. Working primarily with palette knife and rag, allows me to be less bound to precision and to work more organic in my approach. This process affords a strong connection between myself, the artist, and the deeper wellspring of creativity and intuition. The importance of the messy drip, the misplaced color, the accident is paramount in my work. For my purposes, precision and exactitude of process kill the painting. The energy is lost. This practice, known as 'process painting,' allows me to move my art from traditional landscape painting to that of a contemporary spontaneous genre."