Karin Clarke Gallery is proud to present its 5th Collectors’ Resale Show, a curated show of previously owned works that are ready for new homes.
This exhibit will feature regional artists whose work is highly sought after and hard to come by. Some of the artists in the show are former University of Oregon art faculty members David McCosh and Laverne Krause. Also represented are other important regional artists and teachers Nelson Sandgren, Carl Hall, Maude I. Kerns, and Arthur Runquist. Gallery owner Karin Clarke has been meeting with collectors throughout Oregon, gathering an exciting and diverse array of collectable works. This show is presented only every few years. It is always full of surprises, and it is often a who’s who in Oregon art and beyond.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Come early for the best selection!

Featuring previously loved works by
Mark Clarke (1935 -2016)
Margaret Coe
Jenny Gray
Carl Hall (1921-1996)
Charles Heaney (1897-1981)
David McCosh (1903-1981)
Rene Rickabaugh
Arthur Runquist (1891 - 1971)
Nelson Sandgren (1917-2006)
Anne McCosh (1902-1994)
Mike Van
Laverne Krause (1924-1987)
Maude I. Kerns (1876-1965)
Thomas T Wilson (1931-2015)
Don Reich
Harry Widman (1929-2014)
Eunice Parsons
Arthur Selander (1884-1978)
Michael Dailey (1938-2009)
Sadie Smith
Jennifer Bauman
Jani Hoburg
Kate McGee
Bart Walker
Debby Sundbaum-Sommers
​James Kroner
Elaina Laboda Jaimeson 
Jack Wilkinson
George Kettlewell
Jerry Ross
Robert Huck
Paul Gunn
Yuji Hiratsuka
Allan (Pete) Stark
Beverly Soasey

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Jenny Gray, Harbor Cranes. 2006
Arthur Runquist SOLD
Untitled (rushing water, boulders,) oil on canvas

3/4" x 28 3/4"
(early) Mark Clarke, Untitled (landscape). Larger piece
Rene Rickabaugh, Bus Stop
Michael Dailey, Land's End
Elaina Jamieson, The Old Farm
Harry Widman, Carnival
Carl Hall, Autumn Allegory
James Kroner, Bamberg SOLD
Maude Kerns, Untitled #1
Mark Clarke, Still Life, Watercolor
Maude Kerns, Untitled # 2 SOLD
David McCosh, Misty Day at Cohasset, 1949
Paul Gunn, Canada Geese SOLD
Carl Hall, Model and Bird
Carl Hall, Woman of Fire
Carl Hall, Nude with Seed Pods
Carl Hall, Lava Formations
Mark Clarke, Nude
Debby Sundbaum-Sommers, Smith Sketch
Fred Kling, Jenner Cliff
Arthur Selander,  Untitled (Park and Bridge)
Jennifer Bauman, Petite Peonies
Jack Wilkinson, Assisi SOLD
Jack Wilkinson, Untitled (Landscape), Watercolor sold
George Kettlewell, Cut Flowers #1, watercolor
Nelson Sandgren, The River, Oil on panel
Mark Clarke, Collage #15
Charles Heaney, Edge of the Park, casein. Image Gallery Label on back.SOLD
 Eunice Parsons A night at the Opera
Eunice Parsons Sam Ho's
Charles Heaney (unsigned) Untitled Landscape. Oil on board.
Charles Heaney, Untitled. Verso (backside) painting of "Untitled," Landscape.
 Mark Clarke, Untitled Landscape oil
Margaret Coe, Chapel in Blue
Margaret Coe, (Landscape) Orange Tree
Anne McCosh, Head
Yuji Hiratsuki, E-Pose
Gordon Baker, Prairie Wetland SOLD
Marke Clarke, Untitled (foliage) watercolor
cuban artist, 1950s
Yuji Hiratsuka, Psychedelic Bal
Jani Hoburg, Nest II SOLD
Mark Clarke, Dark Hill, 2004
Nelson Sandgren, Three Arched Bridge, watercolor SOLD
Mike Van, Cattle Pattern # 2, 1969
John Rock. First Class Carriage at the Midlands lithograph SOLD
Jerry Ross, Abruzzo
Allan (Pete) Stark
John Rock: Julie, lithograph SOLD
David McCosh, Untitled (Goats in Spain)
Nelson Sandgren, Evening's Embarking
Laverne Krause, Delicate Breeze SOLD
David McCosh, Horse Creek in Spring
David McCosh, Untitled. Verso  (backside) painting of Horse Creek in Spring. 
Note: Wire visible in photo.
Yuji Hiratsuki, Talkative SOLD
Miles Cleveland Goodwin, Runaway
Maude I. Kerns Untitled watercolor
The Collectors' Resale Show
A secondary market show, featuring vintage works by collected regional artists
January 15 - February 29, 2020
Reception: First Friday, February 7th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm