Animal Collective - Invitational Exhibition
   March 3 - April 10, 2021

Closer Look: Animal Collective
Friday, March 19th at 10:30 am

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Karin Clarke Gallery welcomes spring with an invitational exhibit called Animal Collective, featuring eight prominent, Northwest artists displaying works about animals. This multi-faceted show includes paintings, etchings, drawings, and mixed-media works. The artists are the following: 

Rick Bartow -  Born in Newport, OR in 1946, Bartow is considered one of the nation's most prominent contemporary Native American artists. Personal experiences, cultural engagement and global myths, especially Native American transformation stories, are the heart of Bartow's art. Animals and self-portraits populate his iconography, and he is known for astute interpretations of literary, musical and visual sources. Courtesy JSMA

Marit Berg - Marit Berg's work frequently features animals, the land, and the human form. She is interested in the delicate balance of life within the natural world, the relationships between species and how animals develop particular traits to thrive in their habitats. She balances a scientific view of the natural world’s order and classifications with mythological representations of animals as analogs for human behavior. She often deals with themes of predation, vulnerability, sensuality, isolation, and hierarchy inherent in both the animal kingdom and human societies. Courtesy martiberg.com

Tom Blodgett - The striking art of this Oregon native ranges from vivid, imaginative portraits to impressionistic landscapes and intricate, dreamlike scenes of people and animals. This deeply personal artistic vision, combined with Blodgett’s exceptional drawing skills, resulted in works of intense imagination and technical brilliance.

Matthew Dennison - Gently exploring the interplay between people, animals, and their environment, Dennison stages his cast of imaginary characters in unusual interpretations of ordinary surroundings. Dennison's sophisticated sense of color, composition, and texture balance his whimsical narratives and provide paintings that engage the viewer on many levels. Courtesy froelickgallery.com

Tallmadge Doyle - Based in Eugene, OR, Tallmadge received her BFA from the Cleveland Art Institute and an MFA from University of Oregon. An accomplished painter, printmaker and public artist, Doyle's work is deeply rooted in nature and often addresses issues such as climate change and conservation. 

Adam Grosowsky - Paintings by Eugene oil painter Adam Grosowsky are hard to miss. They're big, and at the same time that they're redolent with primary color, they're also lavished mysteriously with black. The result is striking, gripping and more than a bit mysterious. Courtesy Randi Bjornstad

Robert Schlegel - Robert Schlegel lives and paints in Banks, OR. He began exhibiting in 1973, and since then has exhibited widely in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Schlegel’s vibrant acrylic and oil paintings explore the tension between the representational and the abstract, as he responds to the buildings, landscapes, and creatures – especially birds -- in his surroundings. 

Betsy Wolfston - I make Art because it sings open the paths of my true voice of envisioning, repairing, and loving. I am a self taught artist and have been supporting myself through some form of my artwork for the last 30 years. I am an admirer of all fauna that runs, jumps, and flies (hair, fur, feather) and a deep lover of flora - especially the ones I cannot identify (leaf, flower, twig). 
Courtesy betsywolfston.com
Marit Berg - 2 Jacks
Marit Berg - Baby Jacks
Marit Berg - Jackrabbit SOLD
Marit Berg - Two Young Jacks
Marit Berg - Young Jack
Tom Blodgett
Tom Blodgett
Tallmadge Doyle - Cailleach Oidhche Turning Poison into Medicine - line etching, aquatint, hand-coloring, 18x24"
Tallmadge Doyle - The Raven - Line etching, aquatint, 11.5" x 14" SOLD
Tallmadge Doyle - Black Tailed Jack Rabbits - Line etch, 9" x 18"
Matthew Dennison - Mr. Sparrow / Deer SOLD
Robert Schlegel - Owl SOLD
Matthew Dennison "Rabbit", Oil on panel, 9 x 12", 2021
Matthew Dennison SOLD "Red Crossbill", Oil on panel, 12 x 12", 2021
Matthew Dennison "Squirrel", Oil on panel, 12 x 12", 2021
Matthew Dennison "Bull Elk", Oil on panel, 16 x 12", 2021
Matthew Dennison "Fox", Oil on panel, 12 x 12", 2021
Matthew Dennison "Barred Owl", Oil on panel, 10 x 10", 2021
Matthew Dennison "Bear", Oil on panel, 10 x 10", 2021
Matthew Dennison "Blue Jay", Oil on panel, 12 x 12", 2021 SOLD
Matthew Dennison "Coyote", Oil on panel, 10 x 10", 2021
Matthew Dennison - on hold "Hummingbird" Oil on panel, 12 x 12", 2021 - SOLD
Matthew Dennison "Flicker", Oil on panel, 10 x 10", 2021 SOLD
Matthew Dennison "The Brown Deer:, Oil on panel, 12 x 16", 2021
Rick Bartow - For Frank LaPena SOLD
Rick Bartow - For Klimt
Rick Bartow - He Will Know
Rick Bartow - Behr SOLD
Betsy Wolfston - Pigeon as Holy Spirit - 20 x 24" - Alcohol Ink on Duralar
Betsy Wolfston - Wakeful Awareness - 25 x 19.5" - alcohol ink  on Dura-lar
Betsy Wolfston - Be the Light - 5.25 x 12" - Alcohol ink on Dura-lar - SOLD
Betsy Wolfston - Buddha - 13 x 20" - alcohol ink on Dura-lar
Betsy Wolfston - My Pumpkin - 19.5 x 17.5"- alcohol ink on Duralar
Tom Blodgett - Crows - pastel on paper, 25"x30", c. 1988 SOLD
Betsy Wolfston - "Liberatory" - alcohol ink on Duralar - SOLD
Karin Clarke Gallery        760 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401         541.684.7963         kclarkegallery@mindspring.com
Tallmadge Doyle - Aquila the Eagle - Line etching, aquatint, 14 x 18"
Robert Schlegel
Robert Schlegel Goat Head, SOLD
Robert Schlegel - Man with Plaid Tie
Adam Grosowsky - Self-Portrait with Skipperkee, Cat and Bears - Oil on canvas - 54" x 66"
Adam Grosowsky - Pirate Child with Moluccan Cockatoo - Oil on canvas, 32" x 55"
Adam Grosowsky - Woman with Kestrel - Oil on canvas, 48" x 36"
Adam Grosowsky - Yvonne with Tiger Lily - Oil on canvas,
Adam Grosowsky - Polly with Two Parakeets - Oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky - Child with Birds - Oil on canvas
Adam Grosowsky - Circus Figure with Tigers - Oil on canvas