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Robert Schlegel, long a gallery favorite, lives and paints in Banks, OR. He began exhibiting in 1973, and since then has exhibited widely in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. He is now represented by the Dana Gallery, Missoula, MT, Roby King Galleries, Bainbridge Island, WA, White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, and Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Salem. His work is available at the Portland Museum of Art Rental Sales Gallery.  

Schlegel’s vibrant acrylic and oil paintings explore the tension between the representational and the abstract, as he responds to the buildings, landscapes, and creatures – especially birds -- in his surroundings. He works on board or canvas, and often includes collaged materials in his images. Schlegel begins with a sketch in charcoal, graphite, or oil pastel, and then continues to develop the image either in the studio or in plein-air. 

Recently, Schlegel has begun to explore three-dimensional forms. Using paper, wire, string, and fabric, he creates organic “gestures” which capture the posture and movement of birds and architectural constructions.


"In my work I attempt to present my interpretation of the objects and forms found in the environment.Of particular interest to me are man made structures juxtaposed into this landscape. The interaction of shape, contrast and line are what intrigue me and I attempt to transform these images into the compositions of my paintings. As I make art, I strive to create work that possesses tension between the representational and the abstract.

I paint in the studio and plein aire. I complete preliminary sketches in charcoal, pencil and oil pastel and take reference photographs as necessary. My finished paintings are in oils and acrylics on gesso prepared paper, panel and canvas.

I would hope my work would convey through line, contrast, texture, color and composition my response to the environment and sensitivity to the land upon which we live.
American Foursquare I - acrylic on canvas - 60 x 40"
Man With Oar - Acrylic on canvas, 56" x 42"
Man with Red Coat - Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 14"
Steps - Mixed media on paper - 12.5"x6" (unframed)
Robert Schlegel: Objective Shapes
September 2 - 26, 2020



Karin Clarke Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibit by Banks, OR, artist Robert Schlegel. Fans of Schlegel work won’t be disappointed, as this show will deliver over 20 new pieces, including large and small acrylic paintings, mixed-media works, and 3-D constructions.

This collection is unusual in that it was done in the studio rather than on location,
and that its imagery is from memory or imagination. For example, a series of somber but powerful paintings depicting American Foursquare architecture, is based on youthful memories of his grandmother’s home in Kalama, WA .

This spring, Schlegel’s palette turned bright and the paintings, whimsical. Bright green and orange backgrounds appeared and he combined figures with his popular birds, sometimes allowing the birds to perch on a head! 

A compelling group of sculptural ‘constructions’ rest on elegant, artist-made pedestals. These 12-inch-tall white buildings, created from cardboard, wire, wood, and milk paint, invite the viewer to look inside. Sometimes a face is peering out; an African-
American woman inhabits one building, leading one to ponder the subtle social commentary.

In keeping with Covid-19 guidelines, there will not be a reception, but Bob Schlegel will present a Facebook Live artist talk and tour with gallerist Karin Clarke on September 18th.

Man with Oar - Intaglio solar plate, 2020
Aves - Mixed media (cigarbox), 2021
Girl with Umbrella - Monotype, 2021
Read Head - Mixed media (cigarbox), 2021
Double Bird 11 6 x 3 5 in woodcut 2020.jpg
After Avery 6 x 3.5 in linocut
 Man with Tree 11 x 6  monotype 2021
Robert Schlegel, Not Guaranteed, mixed media, 2021, 13x7.5
Robert Schlegel, Francaise with Bow, acrylic, 2021, 6x12
Robert Schlegel, Farmer's Market, acrylic, 2021, 8x12
Robert Schlegel, Piu Lento, acrylic, 7.5x9.5, 2021