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Karin Clarke Gallery is pleased to present its largest show of Eugene painter, Mark Clarke’s work since his unexpected death in January of 2016. This exhibit complements the much-anticipated retrospective, Mark Clarke and Margaret Coe: Our Lives in Paint, running from October 21, 2017, to April 1, 2018, at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

The gallery exhibit includes about 20 works, most acrylic paintings on canvas or board, some dating back to the 1970s. In addition, recent work, a number of which have never been shown, is featured. Classic Clarke imagery -- figurative works, landscapes, barns, abstract explorations – in a range of sizes, is on display. 

In later years, Clarke would say, “I still think of myself as an old landscape painter.” But these paintings demonstrate how important the figure is in his work, whether he was painting from a model or from his imagination and memory. For example, “Farmer,” depicting an older man in a hat with a slightly stooped posture, is the kind of man that Clarke grew up around in Junction City, a man like his father.

Mark Clarke, Landscape with Oak Tree, acrylic, unframed 24x36, framed 30x42
Mark Clarke, Landscape, acrylic, unframed 20x34, framed 26x40
Mark Clarke, Santiam River, acrylic,  unframed 30.5x40, framed 36x46 framed
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Schrager & Clarke Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit of new work by one of the gallery’s popular artists, Mark Clarke. He says of himself, “I still think of myself as an old landscape painter.” However, in addition to his familiar landscapes, this exhibit includes pieces from other areas of his interest.  The approximately 30 pieces in the current show are a variety of sizes, tending toward the medium and small, making them quite accessible.  

Clarke has continued develop his Farmers’ Market series, first introduced in his 2013 exhibit. These tasty images are drawn from the activity of the market and the variety of colors and textures combined there.

He also continues to do figurative work from imagination. These pieces provide experimental opportunities for Clarke. He says, “I get a couple of these going at a time. I begin with a vague figure and then start changing all aspects of the painting – the color palette, the composition. I try different tools for applying the paint – rollers, pieces of cardboard, cloth daubers, in addition to brushes.”

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Mark Clarke, Farmers Market #1, acrylic on canvas, 20x24
Mark Clarke, Farmers Market , acrylic on canvas, 20x24
Mark Clarke , Farmer's Market #5, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Beach from Rock, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke Hill, Late Fall, acrylic on board
Mark Clarke, Sea Rock, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Farmer's Market #3, acrylic on board
Mark Clarke, Farmer's Market #4, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Farmer's Market #10, acrylic on board
Mark Clarke, Farmer's Market #12, acrylic on board
Mark Clarke, Landscape with White Barn, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Mannequin and Black Hat, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Mannequin and Margaret's Red Hat, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Oregon Beach Fog, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Painters on the Boat Dock, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Stream to Sea #5, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Red Shed with Open Door
Mark Clarke, The Golden Field, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, The Metal Farm Building, acrylic on canvas AT GALLERY
White Storage Shed, Mark Clarke,  acrylic on canvas, 24x30 AT GALLERY
Mark Clarke, Evening Landscape
Mark Clarke, Landscape/Green Field, acrylic on canvas
Mark Clarke, Stream to Sea #4, acrylic on canvas
REVIEW, September 4 – October 12, 2013

The images to the right are part of a show entitled REVIEW, which was exhibited at Schrager & Clarke Gallery in September and October of 2013.  

In preparing the pieces for this show, Clarke looked back over the past 60 years of his artistic evolution, reviewing the techniques and processes he has explored. He has worked with line and no line; his palette has varied; his scale has ranged from very large canvases to small collages on board. This history is reflected in the new work.

Completed in the last two years, the pieces in this exhibit are acrylic paintings, Clarke’s trademark medium. But, he observes, “It looks like four or five people’s work!”

Available, at studio
Landscape with Dark Blue Hill, 16x20", at a gallery
Available, at studio
Available, but held for JSMA show
MARK CLARKE: PAINTINGS, August 20 – September 27, 2014
Register Guard Article
Review by Terry Way and Sandy Brown Jensen on KLCC

2015 Press Release: Schrager & Clarke Gallery is pleased to continue one of the gallery's favorite traditions -- an annual exhibit of new paintings by Mark Clarke.  

Clarke, who is known and admired by Eugene's art community for his masterful paintings of the Oregon landscape, has outdone himself in this year's work! Joyful, colorful paintings of autumn leaves dance with misty canyons and forest scenes; darker driftwood sculptures cluster on the beach.

In this group of paintings, Clarke moves further into abstraction -- trees dissolve into massed color and hills and valleys melt into each other. These works are all medium-sized, rather than the large format Clarke has often used, making them quite affordable.

Venerable Eugene artist Mark Clarke was best known for his unique and quietly powerful landscapes of the Willamette Valley.The Central Oregon Coast, Fern Ridge, and the rural farmland of Oregon are his subjects. Some paintings of his paintings he began on location, then painted on for long periods in his studio. Others are entirely from his imagination, drawn for a lifetime of living in and painting this region. Clarke’s vision of the landscape is soft and luminous, almost dream-like. Mark buit and painted all of his own frames, complementing his work with an additional element that expresses his aesthetic and artistic commitment.

Another direction was his experimental, figurative works, generated primarily from his imagination, which are quite different from his landscapes. He used this body of work to experiment with a variety of techniques for handling paint: lots of texture, more impasto, wide brushes, painting knives, and glazes, all of which bring powerful boldness to these pieces. 

In describing his work, Mark said, “It’s hard to talk about paintings like these because there is no formula. They come out of the process -- the working on them. Things change from day to day. I work on them over and over and over again...even these little ones. It’s like landscaping -- moving the shrubbery around!”

Check out Mark Clarke on KEZI news
Selected Small Works from the Estate - 2016 Show
In July, Karin Clarke Gallery will feature a selected group of small paintings by the late Mark Clarke. 
This is the first showing of the highly collectible (and adored) Eugene artist’s work his sudden passing on January 11th.  

The pieces in this show have been carefully chosen by gallery owner and daughter. Karin Clarke. and Mark Clarke’s artist wife. Margaret Coe. Some have never been shown before and a few have been at the gallery in the past. Each is a treasure, reminding us what a master painter Clarke was.
The subjects range from soft, Willamette Valley landscapes to more colorful, figurative works done with a palette knife. Several seem to be self-portraits.

Please join us for a reception to celebrate this work, and enjoy a short presentation by Jordan Schnitzer Museum Curator Danielle Knapp, on Saturday, July 2nd. 

Mark Clarke, Untitled Barn, acrylic on panel,  c 2015, 16x20 actual size
Mark Clarke
Mark Clarke, Landscape in Winter, acrylic on panel, 1997 SOLD
Mark Clarke, The Printer, acrylic on panel, 2014SOLD
Mark Clarke, Trees Against Orange and Yellow #2, acrylic on panel SOLD
Mark Clarke, Untitled Landscape, acrylic on panel  SOLD
Mark Clarke, Untitled (Shapes), acrylic on canvas SOLD
Mark Clarke, Figure in Window, acrylic on panel, 2009   SOLD
Mark Clarke, FIgure with Red Cap, acrylic on panel  SOLD
Mark Clarke, Green Trees on the Orange and Red Landscape, acrylic on panel SOLD
Mark Clarke, Greenhill Grass, acrylic on panel, 2005 SOLD
Mark Clarke, Hill, acrylic on panel, 2007  SOLD
Mark Clarke, Red, Orange, Yellow Sky, acrylic on canvas, 2011 SOLD
Mark Clarke, Trees Against Orange and Yellow, acrylic on panel SOLD
Mark Clarke, Untitled Figure, acrylic on panel SOLD
Available - at studio
Available - at gallery
Available, at studio
Available, at studio.
Work from 2015 show (many pieces are still available)
Work from 2014 show (some available):
Work from 2013 "Review" show:
This exhibit sold out:
Old Apple Tree
Farm Building
White House (photo is too saturated)
Model with Hat
Artist and Muse Available - at gallery
Untitled collage 2012
Untitled (profile with red background)
Untitled (young woman)
Sienna Sky Over Blue Hill, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48"
Canyon from Above
Creek and Fallen Trees
Distant Orange
Figures in the Field
From the Canyon
Mill Burner
Morning Marshes
stream to the sea
Untitled (Driftwood and Coast)
Untitled (Head)
Untitled Hill
Woman with Scarf
Untitled (Hill) 8x10"
Untitled (Landscape)

Karin Clarke Gallery welcomes Fall with a beautiful show of classic works by the beloved Eugene artist Mark Clarke (1935-2016). The focus of this full-gallery exhibit is his acrylic landscape paintings of various sizes, from large-scale to small, done in his signature “myopic” style. 

Clarke often started paintings out of doors, but then enjoyed working on them for long periods of time in the studio, allowing them to “soften,” as he would say, to give a subtle impression of a place. His landscapes are thick with the atmosphere and mood of the Northwest. His later work, which is well represented in this show, was done from memory.

The pieces in this exhibit were framed by the artist, in most cases using frames he built and painted himself. Clarke would modestly refer to them as “old studio frames,” but in fact they are sturdy, beautifully crafted frames that collectors of his work associate with his paintings.

The retrospective “Our Lives in Paint” at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art showcased the art of Mark Clarke and his wife, Margaret Coe. This exhibit presents an opportunity to explore a larger selection of the work for which Clarke was admired.

MARK CLARKE (1935-2016): 
ArtCore Video on Mark Clarke 


Mannequin in Still Life #2, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x 30", 2009

Untitled, Acrylic Collage on Panel, 10"x 10", 1996
Untitled (Landscape), Acrylic o Panel, 11"x 13" Framed.
Photo by Bob Keefer
Canyon and River #1, 25x29 in, 2014
Farm Building, 28.5x20.5
Figure at Sunset, 24x30.5 in, 2015
Profile, Red Background, 2009, 28.5 x 22.5 in
At the Farmer's Market #20, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x 30", 2014

Mark Clarke Discoveries, April 14 - May 29


As Spring arrives and Eugene opens up to broader community activity, Karin Clarke Gallery is proud to present a new exhibit of paintings from the archives of the late and beloved Eugene painter Mark Clarke. 
Clarke had a strong statewide following for his nearly 60 year career. Although he is best known for his atmospheric landscapes of the Willamette Valley, his body of work includes abstracts, portraits, and scenes from the life of the community.
Since his passing in 2016, the gallery has mounted several exhibits of work from his estate. A recent dip into his studio storage resulted in new discoveries!
Rolled up canvases and never-exhibited paintings were found: a few trademark barns, coastal works, figurative pieces from his imagination, ranging from large to medium in scale.
An appealing selection of pieces have been prepared for this show. We invite you to visit the gallery and see what’s new!
No Opening Reception will be held as per Covid guidelines, however stay tuned for information on a virtual gallery tour and talk by Clarke’s daughter, Karin Clarke and his wife, artist Margaret Coe.

Beach Dream, 2013, 16x20 canvas size SOLD
Untitled (Two Figures) 12x17 canvas
Back Field Conversation, 16x20
Willamette Valley Barn, 2013, 16x20. Signed on the back SOLD
Painter at Depoe Bay, Oregon 16x20
Woman with Still Life - 2013 SOLD
Beach Rocks
White Mask -
Silence, sold
Figure on Path
Sunflowers SOLD
Figure with Red Coast
Driftwood and Lifehouse - Acrylic on canvas - SOLD
Blue Hat - Acrylic on canvas
Lovers and Cups - Acrylic SOLD
Late Summer Landscape, 49x49", 2000
Couple SOLD
Trio, acrylic on panel,8x10 in image size
Shapes Play
Red Barn, SOLD
Driftwood and Beach Grass
Red Sky - Acrylic on canvas SOLD
Spring Landscape SOLD