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Margaret Coe
BIO - MARGARET COE,  b. 1941
A longtime resident of Eugene, Margaret received her MFA from the University of Oregon in 1978. She studied with David McCosh, Andy Vincent and Frank Okada, and taught art for many years at the U of O, LCC, and the Maude Kerns Art Center.
Margaret Coe has been influenced by important Northwest artists, including Nelson Sandgren, Charles Heaney,and C.S. Price.

Coe’s work has been widely exhibited, is in the collections of the Jorden Schnitzer Museum of Art, the Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR, and represented in both the Portland and Seattle Art Museum rental sales galleries.

Margaret Coe
Wild Spaces
August 25th - September 25th, 2021
Artist Reception: Friday, August 27, 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Karin Clarke Gallery is pleased to present an exhibit of new work by veteran Eugene painter, Margaret Coe. The show, Wild Spaces, is the product of two years of work. The imagery represents her response to the woods behind her home and a particular beach on the Oregon coast,

In her Artist Statement, Coe writes, “I unveil an expansive state, the deeper connection with those places least defined by man. Immersion in the natural world of decay and regeneration awakens the bruised soul to the transcendent.” 

Twenty-one new oil paintings are the focus of the exhibit. They are accompanied by a number of pen and ink drawings related to the larger works.

An artist reception will be held on Friday, August 27, from 4:00 - 7:00 pm. Coe will also be present at the First Friday Art Walk on Friday, September 3, 5:30-7:30 pm. Join us to celebrate the return of Eugene’s Art Walk!

​Statement: Wild Spaces
I unveil an expansive state, a deeper connection with places least defined by man. Immersions in the natural world of decay and regeneration awakens the bruised soul to the transcendent. Oneness replaces fear and collective arrogance cultivated by living too long on the surface of life.
Religious reverence heals the soul if it is genuinely cultivated.
My practice is to absorb the observed content symbolically. The paintings transform the content into images of reverence. 
Rebirth religious reverence into our souls.
Spiritual Awakening SOLD
Wild Life - oil on canvas, 30" x 40"
The Mystery
Tensions - oil on canvas, 30" x 40"
Le Mystere - oil on linen, 20'' x 24"
And the Wind from the East - oil on canvas, 30'' x 40", SOLD
Ascension - oil on linen, 40'' x 40"
Fallen - oil on canvas, 30'' x 40"
Gathering Agates - oil on linen.  28''x 34" SOLD
Impression - oil on canvas, 30'' x 40''
Old Life - oil on canvas, 30'' x 40''
On the Beach - oil on linen, 29'' x 35"
Solitude - oil on linen, 18'' x 48"
The Living Soul - oil on canvas, 36'' x 60"
Window View #11 - oil on canvas, 18'' x 24"
Wonderment - oil on canvas, 30'' x 40"
Waterfall - oil on canvas
Woodland Cameos #8, Decay - ink drawing
Woodland Cameos #1, Fallen Log - ink drawing
Woodland Cameos #2, Twin Firs in Ivy
Woodland Cameos #3, Creek
Woodland Cameos #6, Deep Bramble
Woodland Cameos #5, Bramble
Woodland Cameos #4, Citadel