LOUIS BUNCE (1907-1983) 
Selected Works
February 1 -25, 2017
In conjunction with the Hallie Ford Museum of Art exhibit: Dialogue with Modernism
First Friday ArtWalk: February 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm
Talk by Willamette University Professor Emeritus and Hallie Ford Curator Roger Hull at 6pm

A new exhibit, featuring the work of one of the Northwest’s most well-known artists Louis Bunce (1907-1983) will be on view at the Karin Clarke Gallery, located at 760 Willamette Street in downtown Eugene. “Louis Bunce (1907 - 1983): Selected Works” will be on view from February 1 to 25, 2017. This exhibit is in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition “Dialogue with Modernism,” on view at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art (HFMA), located on the Willamette University campus in Salem, OR.  

Louis Bunce was well known for his work in painting and printmaking, and as being the leading contributor to Modernist Art in Oregon during the 20th century. Throughout his career, Bunce explored a wide variety of techniques, including Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, and Minimalism. He taught at the Museum Art School (now called Pacific Northwest College of Art) from 1946-1972. In 1979, the Portland Art Museum honored him with a major retrospective exhibition. His work is in numerous collections including the National Gallery in Washington D.C., the Whitney Museum and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

On Friday, February 3, at 6 p.m. during the First Friday Art Walk, Roger Hull, Professor Emeritus of Art History at Willamette University and curator of the HFMA Bunce exhibition will be giving a talk on Bunce and his work. Hull’s latest publication “Louis Bunce: Dialogue with Modernism” will be available for purchase. 

This exhibit is made possible in collaboration with Russo Lee Gallery of Portland, OR.

Bunce, Untitled (landscape with white dune) c.1958 gouache on paper
Bunce, Untitled Landscape in Orange 1, oil on paper
Bunce, Mural Study, c.1957, oil, ink and charcoal on paper, 21x34" SOLD
Bunce, Blue Figure Abstraction 1, 1977, mixed media, 33x25"
Bunce, Harbor Study 1, oil on paperboard, 1980
Bunce, Seascape, oil on wood panel, 1948, 10x12.5"
Bunce, Studio #360, c.1965, oil on paper on Masonite, 26x21"
Bunce, Untitled (Three Shapes) #980, 1964, oil on wood panel, 14x18"
Bunce,  Untitled (Abstract Landscape), pen, 1949.   SOLD
Bunce, Untitled (abstraction with fish), pen and ink on paper. SOLD
Bunce, Untitled (Tree Form), 1946, mixed media
Bunce, Untitled, 1948, ink on paper, 27x33"
Bunce, Untitled mechanical bird drawing, 1940, ballpoint pen on paper  (featured in HFMA book)
Bunce Untitled Study B, pencil and crayon, 4x5.25"
Bunce, Untitled Study A, pencil and crayon, 10x8, 4 x 5.25"
Hallie Ford Museum book by Roger Hull: Dialogue on Modernism, $39.95
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SOLD OUT of Roger Hull's book on Louis Bunce
Available at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art