Karin Clarke Gallery        760 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401         541.684.7963         kclarkegallery@mindspring.com

Karin Clarke at the Gordon
590 Pearl Street Suite 105

Sunday - 11:00 - 6:00pm
Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 7pm

Currently featuring artists:
Margaret Coe
Mark Clarke (1935-2016)
Bets Cole
Humberto Gonzalez
Erik Sandgren
Adam Grosowsky
Tallmadge Doyle
Karin Clarke
Robert Schlegel
Olga Volchkova
Marit Berg
Heather Jacks
Pat Arrera
​Matthew Dennison 
Sandy Brown Jensen
Carl Hall  (1921-1996)
Lynn I Peterson
George Warner
Janine Etherington
Manuel Izquierdo (1928 - 2009)

Bets Cole - Annie's Green, gouache on panel
Mark Clarke (1935 - 2016) - White Mask, Acrylic on canvas
Carl Hall (1921-1996) - Fogarty Beach, Oil on panel
Adam Grosowsky "Landscape at Dusk" Oil on canvas
Carl Hall "Autumn Allegory", Oil on panel
Bets Cole "Across the Valley", Acrylic on board
Bets Cole "Stacked High". Acrylic on board
Bets Cole "Timber Talk", Gouache on panel
Erik Sandgren "Coquille River Crabbers" Acrylic on panel
Erik Sandgren "Under Way" Acrylic on panel
Margaret Coe "Village #3" Oil on canvas
Margaret Coe "Braemar" (UK) Ink drawing
Margaret Coe "Venice #3" Oil on canvas
Mark Clarke "Dark View" Collage
Erik Sandgren "Half Empty/Half Full #1" Acrylic on panel
Christopher Bechler
Sandy Brown Jensen: Orchard Point Sunset
Marit Berg
Lynn Ihsen Peterson
Janine Etherington, Sante Fe Sunrise, 12x12"
Erik Sandgren, On the Rocks
Margaret Coe - Berlin #17 - Acrylic on canvas
Tallmadge Doyle, line etching / aquatint ed. 1/10
Sandy Brown Jensen,
"Gently Held a Dream"
Hand-gilded paint on vellum
Heather Jacks, Untitled, oil on canvas, 900
Margaret Coe, "Reveries", oil on canvas
Kathleen Caprario - Playa Scape 3
First Friday Art Walk is back! Patti McNutt joins us on August 6th for a live demonstration until 8pm
And keep an eye out for pieces from the Mayor's Art Show in September! 
Now representing Kathleen Caprario