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The Eugene Biennial Award Winners: One Year Later
August 2 - 26, 2017
Reception: First Friday ArtWalk, August 4th, 5:30-7:30pm

Judith Sander, Suma Elan, Edward Teague, Janine Etherington, Rebecca Mannheimer, Susan Applegate, Mavelle Monsalve-Featherstone, Sarah Peterman, and Ivan Leontyuk


Karin Clarke Gallery, located at 760 Willamette Street, is pleased to present a new concept for an annual group show, which highlights emerging artists in our region. Last year’s inaugural Eugene Biennial at Karin Clarke Gallery was a huge success. Eight awards-winning artists selected by the Jurors Karin Clarke, Jon Jay Cruson and Roger Saydack, and a Mayors Award selected by former mayor Kitty Piercy. The nine artists have been invited to participate in this group show, this time to exhibit more of their work.

Susan Applegate (Yoncalla) studied art at the University of Oregon in the 1960s. Currently, she works from her plein-air sketches as studies for her luminous, interpretive oils. “These five selected paintings represent two different landscapes: the oaks on the cliff overlooking the creek, crowded with trees below, just outside my house; scenes of Elk Creek, my ancestral homeland” says Applegate. “The other landscapes represent the enchanting world of Morris Graves' home on a lake in the middle of his estate, now the Morris Graves Foundation, near Eureka California, where I was a resident artist.”

Suma Elan (Eugene) has explored painting and mixed media art for the past twenty years while maintaining a private practice in psychotherapy. She has melded the two interests, incorporating art therapy into her psychotherapy practice. Her work in this show consists of abstract landscape paintings in oil, as well as encaustic pieces. The work is symbolic and emotionally evocative, using color, line and shape to produce diverse moods and interpretations. 

Janine Etherington (Eugene) attended the Alberta College of Art for preliminary study, and later graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design, where she received honors in painting and printmaking. Etherington’s current works focus on abstraction, using acrylics and mixed media on both canvas and panel. She often explores her ongoing fascination with icons, symbols and letterforms, and the influence of music – especially jazz – on her creative process. Sometimes, the music itself becomes the subject of the painting. 

Ivan Leontyuk (Eugene) is a former student of the University of Oregon. After a year of studying architecture at UO, Leontyuk transferred to Portland Community College to finish his general education study in art and art history. Leontyuk plans to return to school to study international relations and art history, but is uncertain about pursuing a full-time career in art. At the age of 23, he is by far the youngest artist in this show. His three paintings are done in acrylic, which is his preferred medium, stating that “they are easy to use and dry fast, great for when my goal is to practice techniques and methods with style, composition, and color…”

Rebecca Mannheimer (Eugene) is well-known in the local arts community as the co-owner of Oregon Arts Supply for the past 20 years. Prior to that, Mannheimer graduated from PNCA with a BFA degree in painting and drawing. She was a member of Blackfish Gallery for a several years and taught painting and drawing to support her studio work. Her work in this show focus on rich abstractions in acrylic on canvas, with a subtle reference to the Willamette Valley landscape which she loves.

Mavelle Monsalve-Featherstone (Eugene) is originally from the South of Chile, but moved to Eugene 20 years ago. While working full-time she managed to take art classes at the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, and Maude Kerns Arts Center to pursue her passion for painting. She has exhibited at DIVA (solo show), Jacobs Gallery and Oregon Art Alliance. Monsalve-Featherstone will be showing her recent, colorful oil paintings in this show.

Sarah Peterman (Fern Ridge) studied for a year at the Rhode Island School of Design, followed three years at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. From 1989-2010 she was a highly success jewelry artist, both custom and wholesale. She was represented in Oregon at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, and in numerous out of state venues. Locally, she’s been a regular at the “Oregon Made For Interiors” shows at Maude Kerns, exhibiting her functional sculptures. Since 2001, she has been creating sculpture and furniture out of wood and metal, and is the only 3-D artist in this show.

Judith Sander (Philomath) is a mixed-media collage artist, having earned her degree in painting from the University of San Diego. Sander departed from creating art to seek out other work opportunities, and to start a family. She later returned to her love of art in her 40s. Since moving to Oregon, Sander has been showing her work in regional venues ever since. Sander says, “the female figures [in my work] are symbolized whimsically in interesting and fantastical scenes as protectors, nurturers and instinctual beings, accompanied by birds, cats and dogs.”

Edward Teague (Eugene) has been the head of the University of Oregon’s Design Library since 2001, which he finds a very creatively inspiring environment. His educational background includes a BFA in art from UNC-Chapel Hill, an MA in Art History from the University of Georgia, and a graduate degree in library science from UNC-Chapel Hill. “My studio education at UNC reinforced my interest in Abstract Expressionism particularly under the instruction of artists George Kachergis and Kenneth Ness,” says Teague. “The content of my art evolves during the creative process: the lines, forms, and colors of nature emerge as I work, informed by sketches, and shaped by memories. While I have created art for many years, I have only recently been involved in exhibiting my work.”

This group exhibition will be on view from August 2 through August 26, celebrated with an Artist Reception during the First Friday ArtWalk on August 4, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. 

Karin Clarke Gallery        760 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401         541.684.7963         kclarkegallery@mindspring.com
Janine Etherington
Judith Sander
Rebecca Mannheimer
Sarah Peterman
Edward Teague
Ivan Leontyuk
Mavelle Monsalve-Featherstone
Suma Z Elan
Susan Applegate