The Oregon Landscape

An invitational, featuring:
Mark Clarke, Margaret Coe, Bets Cole, Robert Gamblin, Jodie Garrison, Heather Halpern, James Kroner, Erik Sandgren, Robert Schlegel, Humberto Gonzalez, Craig Spilman, and Karin Clarke.

Video by Robert Gamblin: Painting and Process for Lane Arts Council

Eugene Weekly story on The Oregon Landscape

Produced by Lane Arts Council 

Video by Robert Gamblin - in his studio, sharing about these works

Monotype Demonstration by Heather Halpern

Karin Clarke Gallery welcomes Spring with an invitational group show celebrating the beauty and diversity of the Oregon landscape. Twelve Northwest artists were invited to participate. Many are familiar friends of the gallery, others are new faces, and the group uses a variety of mediums.

The newer group includes: Robert Gamblin, founder of Gamblin art supplies, who brings his vibrant oil paintings to the gallery for the first time. Jodie Garrison, of the Western Oregon College art faculty, last showed her light-filled western landscapes in 2003. Washington artist James Kroner, a rising talent in the American art scene, contributes his plein-air oils. Heather Halpern, founder of Eugene’s Whitaker Printmakers, shows her newest monotypes.

The familiar faces include: Craig Spilman, retired Lane Community College teacher and master of graphite, brings his new landscape drawings. Elmira artist Bets Cole shows plein-air acrylics done in eastern Oregon. Moving farther afield, Portland artist and teacher Erik Sandgren, prolific in watercolor, oils and acrylics, is a dynamic addition to the exhibit. A gallery favorite and mixed media artist, Robert Schlegel of Banks, brings his new work. Beaverton painter Humberto Gonzalez contributes two grand scale, plein-air watercolors.

Finally, the exhibit includes work from the gallery family! Esteemed painters Mark Clarke (1935-2016) and Margaret Coe have striking paintings on display. Coe has just completed two mid-size, evocative oil paintings called The Road Less Traveled and Nocturne. Two works from the estate of Mark Clarke are exhibited. To complete the family representation, gallery owner Karin Clarke contributes two small oils of Grants Pass and Depoe Bay.

Join us to celebrate these artists and their fabulous work on First Friday, March 6, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

You can find more information about the show in this week's Eugene Scene.

Karin Clarke Gallery        760 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401         541.684.7963         kclarkegallery@mindspring.com
Margaret Coe - A Road Less Traveled. Oil on canvas. 30 x 40"
Margaret Coe - Nocturne. Oil on canvas. 48 x 40" SOLD
Humberto Gonzalez - Fishing Fleet. Watercolor. 38 x 30"
Humberto Gonzalez - Oregon Autumn. Watercolor. 38 x 30"
Robert Schlegel - Cedar Canyon. Mixed media. 17 x 21". SOLD
Robert Schlegel - North Plains. Mixed media. 17 x 21"
Mark Clarke - Evening Glow. Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 24"
Mark Clarke - Orange Tree. Acrylic on canvas.  24 x 30"
Robert Gamblin - Venus. Oil on linen. 24 x 36
Robert Gamblin - Bay with Magenta Shallows. Oil on linen. 28 x 22"
Robert Gamblin - Thicket with Warm Light (Cascade Head). Oil on linen on panel. 16 x 20"
Karin Clarke, Rainy Rogue Morning, Grants Pass, oil, 11x14
Craig Spilman, Jasper Pond. Drawing. 20 x 20"
Karin Clarke - World's Smallest Natural Harbor - Depoe Bay, oil on canvas. 11x14" SOLD
Heather Halpern - Atop the Butte. Monotype. 31 x 13" SOLD
Heather Halpern - Wildlife Refuge. Monotype 31 x 13"
Heather Halpern - Along the Willamette. Monotype. 31 x 13"
James Kroner - Last Light Over the Pacific. Oil on birch panel. 24 x 20"
James Kroner - Pacific Northwest Swell. Oil on panel. 24 x 20"
James Kroner - Coastal Atmosphere (plein-air). Oil on panel. 15 x 13"
James Kroner - Inland River (plein-air). Oil on panel. 15 x 13"
Erik Sandgren - Pacific Light. Watercolor. 25 x 21"
Erick Sandgren - The Deep. Acrylic on panel. 15 x 12" SOLD
Erik Sandgren - SOLD
Erik Sandgren,  Mists and Veils acrylic on panel, 12x14 inches, 2020
Erik Sandgren - South Cove Arago. Acrylic on canvas. 25 x 13" SOLD
Erik Sandgren - Sunset Play. Acrylic on panel. 15 x 13" SOLD
Erik Sandgren, Clammers at Low Tide- Charelston, acrylic on panel, 11x12 inches, 2018-20
Erik Sandgren - Deep Creek/Morning Play of Light. Watercolor. 11 x 15"
Jodie Garrison - South Fork Silver Creek. Oil on canvas. 13 x 25"
Jodie Garrison - Along Santiam River Trail. Oil on canvas. 12 x 15"
Jodie Garrison - Falls Along Opal Creek. Oil on canvas. 30 x 30" SOLD
Robert Schlegel - Winter Apple. Acrylic and found paper. 17 x 21"
Robert Schlegel - Oregon Autumn. Acrylic and found paper. 17 x 21" SOLD
Robert Schlegel - Van Duyck's Seed. Acrylic on paper. 7 x 11" SOLD
Bets Cole - Coastal Conversations. Acrylic. 25 x 28"
Bets Cole - The Gathering. Acrylic on paper. 21 x 25"SOLD
Bets Cole - Timber Talk. Gouache on panel. 21 x 15"
Erik Sandgren
Erik Sandgren: Littoral People, 17x17inches