Brian Lanker

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Karin Clarke Gallery in honored to present a selection of photograph from the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art’s exhibit earlier this year From the Heart: The Photographs of Brian Lanker.

Brian Lanker (1947-2011) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and documentary film director, perhaps best-known for international exhibition of portraits titled I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changes America and the book Shall We Dance. Lanker’s photographs frequently appeared in LIFE, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated magazines as well as many international publications.

Included in the sixteen photographs selected for this show are portraits of sports icons like Muhammad Ali, arts figures like Willie Nelson, and scenes of rural America in black and white.

KLCC VisCity Review of Lanker JSMA show
Brian Lanker, Horse Logger, 1975
Brian Lanker, Muhammad Ali, 1984 SOLD
Brian Lanker, Boy in Pickup, 1971
Brian Lanker, Ken Kesey, 2001
Brian Lanker, The Masters, 1985
Brian Lanker, Mick, 1969
Brian Lanker, Willie Nelson, 1994
From the Heart: The Photography of Brian Lanker, published by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
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Other available photographs
James Beard, 1980 
Swing Dancers, 2005 
Wynton Marsalis, 1983 
The Jenners, 1975
Carl Lewis, 1984
Hermit, 1974
Allen Produce, 1973
Hands on the Master (Thomas Hart Benton), 1970
Plow Horses, 1974