No Direction Home
December 2 - January 16, 2020

To celebrate the end of the year, Karin Clarke Gallery presents an exhibit of new oil paintings by popular Eugene artist and retired Lane Community College art faculty member, Adam Grosowsky. The exhibit is composed of figurative works based on subconscious imagery, executed in his signature bold and dramatic style.

Grosowsky says the paintings are largely autobiographical, relating to personal and societal challenges over the past year. They address the themes of alienation, new beginnings and life’s balancing act. “You are always a kid walking down the path of life,” he remarks, referring to his painting of a child learning to walk. “People fall down and then they get up.”

Stylistically, this collection feels looser and more abstract than previous work, perhaps influenced by the California Figurative School he has long admired. Additionally, in these pieces, Grosowsly intentionally obscures details, allowing more room for interpretation.

Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no Artist Reception. Instead, Adam Grosowsky and Gallerist Karin Clarke will present a talk and exhibit tour on Friday, December 4 at 5:30 pm through Facebook Live. Please come and visit the exhibit; the Gallery is open regular Gallery hours: Wednesday - Friday, 12 - 5:30, and Saturdays 10 - 4, and by appointment. 

The Gallery will be closed December 25 - January 2.

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Adam Grosowsky’s work has been extensively collected in the Northwest and across the US. He was featured in Lux Magazine, and locally his paintings can be seen in numerous public and private collections. Nordstrom Department Store has commissioned nearly 100 paintings for their flagship locations nationwide. 

Adam was born in Chicago in 1959. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Evergreen State College in 1981 and his Masters of Arts and Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Iowa in 1984 and 1986 respectively. During this time, he studied under the famous printmaker Mauricio Lasansky. 

Although much of his training was in printmaking, his primary medium today is oil painting. His large canvasses, often portraits of women, are studies in light and dark. They are distinguished by dramatic contrasts—light or bright color against large areas of rich, dark background. 

Adam was a full-time faculty member at Lane Community College in Eugene, teaching painting, figure drawing and printmaking for nearly 30 years.

Jessica with cockatiel, 36x60
Umbrella #3, oil on canvas, 36x36
Miranda with Kestrel
Umbrella #5, 36 x 36
Dressing #2 36x48,
Kiena 36x48
Mirror, 24x24,
Child with Beret. Oil on canvas 24x24"
Spring 2, 24x24, at gallery
Zenon #6 - Oil on canvas - 36"x48"
Coburg #9 SOLD
Kiena #1, 60x48"
Leilani 4, 40x60"
Nude and Koi Pond, 36x78"
Stairs #1 - Oil on canvas - 48"x36"
Stairs #2 - Oil on canvas - 48"x24"
Child Drumming #1 - Oil on canvas - 48"x24"
Caravan - Oil on canvas - 48"x48"
Mom, Ana Mia, and Maxi at Beach - Oil on canvas - 36"x48"
Diving Board - Oil on canvas - 36"x48"
Leggings - Oil on canvas - 24"x48"
Landscape - Oil on canvas - 36"x54"
Modigliani - Oil on canvas - 24"x24"
Child Drumming #2 - Oil on canvas - 48"x24"
Christmas Child with Finch - Oil on canvas - 38"x48"
Circus #4 - Oil on canvas - 48"x36"
Circus Child on Unicorn - Oil on canvas - 30"x30"
Circus Girl, Lion and Cat - Oil on canvas - 36"x60"
Fiddler - Oil on canvas - 24"24" SOLD
Girl Looking at Fish - Oil on canvas - 38"x48"
Milla #5 - Oil on canvas - 24"x24"
Girl with Mirror and Cat - Oil on canvas - 24"x48"
Payasito (Small Clown) - Oil on Canvas - 48"x36"
Walking Away #5 - Oil on canvas - 36"x60"
Walking Lesson #1 - Oil on canvas - 48"x24"
Amanda with Lost Cat - Oil on canvas - 48"x36"
Miranda, 36x48, 2020 Sold
Winter Landscape #1, 36x54
River at Dusk, 48x48
Siuslaw in Fall, 36x48 SOLD
Winter Landscape #2, 36x36
Places I've Never Been, 36x54"
Child with Beret #2, 36x48
Child with Beret #1, 36x54"
Miranda #6, 48x60"